Miyerkules, Disyembre 10, 2014

Debunking Common Myths about Plastic Surgery

You might think that undergoing a plastic surgery is unattainably costly, and celebrities and socialites are the only ones who can afford them. You know what? You couldn’t be more wrong, because even average people can now afford to undergo plastic surgery. This is one of the myths that need to be debunked immediately, along with these other ones:

Not just about beauty
They say that those undergoing plastic surgery are concerned about their beauty and afraid of losing it as they age. All we know about plastic surgery is breast augmentation, Botox, and facelifts, since they get the lion’s share of publicity, yet cleft palate correction and post-cancer breast reconstructions are also part of this. Plastic surgery is not only for cosmetic reasons, but also for improving on and correcting physical defects.

Not only for women
Surprisingly, men are also getting into plastic surgery, with less-invasive procedures such as Botox injection and laser treatments to retain their youthful glow. In fact, there had been a 273% increase on the number of men undergoing plastic surgery between 1997 and 2013.

Surgeries can leave ugly scars, but not plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons tend to minimize scarring by making them look smaller and more refined, and they offer advice after the surgery as to how best to treat those scars to make them look better. Some even hide those ugly scars in hidden nooks in your body, like your underarms or on your hairline so it won’t be prominent.

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