Huwebes, Pebrero 12, 2015

To Bra or Not to Bra after Breast Surgery

Post-breast augmentation may or may not be the best time to wear your bra, depending on who you ask. Some say bras provide ample support for the breasts, preserving the augmentation as a result. Others believe bras compress the breasts and reduce the cleavage. Below are some tips to take care of your new breasts if the plastic surgeon says…

Hoorah for Bras
There are specialty bras designed for post-breast augmentation use like a medical surgery bra. This bra has a zipper between the cups for an easy fit and drain pouches to contain any post-surgical fluid that flows out of the breast. The pouches are hooked onto an external drain device placed by the surgeon.

Sports bras are also ideal as they firmly support the breasts regardless of physical activity. It helps minimizes excess juggling, which may reopen surgical wounds.

Go Commando
In case of no bra, your choice of clothes will be important, although limited. Focus on clothes with adequate under-bust support like empire dresses (formal wear) and under-bust corsets. A halter top can easily cover your braless breasts, especially with big ones (C-cup at minimum). Avoid lightweight fabrics like silk.

Going braless also means applying some form of protection from the elements. Apply good sunscreen to your d├ęcolletage or upper torso to protect it from harmful sunrays.  

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