Biyernes, Marso 13, 2015

Prepare for Your Liposuction with These Tips

Liposuctions can be minor or major operations, depending on the areas where fat will be removed and how much of it will be taken out. If you want a quick and painless recovery from it, here are a few tips on how to do it.

  • Eat healthy. Starting two weeks before your operation, change your diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to help with weight loss; liposuction isn’t proof against future weight gain. Furthermore, eat proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to help with your recovery
  • Prepare Your Healing Room. You’ll need a place to lie down and recover from the liposuction. Have a room stocked with medical supplies and pain killers as well as food and water. Also, arrange a few days off as well as some help from family or friends.
  • Quit Smoking and Adjust Medication. Liposuction is quite safe, but complications can still happen. The leading cause is cigarette smoking; smoking reduces the oxygen in your system and this delays healing and can cause scarring. Medicine that inhibits or encourages blood clots should also be avoided, as well as those that interfere with anesthesia. Try to talk with your doctor for replacements.

Follow these three pointers to ensure that you’re up and around in no time.

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